February 24th is the Independence Day of the Republic of Estonia

Event dates: February 23-24, 2019 (Alternate dates March 2-3)

Friday 22 - arrival and training day; registration and opening ceremony; night time accuracy flying

Training of the judges and presentation of the video evidence system

Saturday 23 - Competition day

Sunday 24 - Competition day, closing ceremony at 1500

Maximum No of rounds is 6.

Participation fee: 60€.
Included in the fee:
- all competition towings
- souvenirs for the participants and judges
- video evidence system
- meals on the field and in the evening; field coffee&tea
- sleeping in our sports hostel; usage of sauna Friday and Saturday evening

The maximum No of pilots expected is 30, 15 places are reserved for foreign pilots. 

More foreign pilots can apply for the waiting list. 

(We do hope we can receive more pilots but, not more than 40.)

Please download&fulfil this file and send it to: regpg-accuracy.eu 

Regulations for download are here

Our video evidence system, overview

Invitation for NACs