The national umbrella organisation (NAC) for all air sports in Estonia is the Estonian Air Sports Federation.

Paragliding and powered paragliding are coordinated through the respective PG&PPG Committee of the NAC.

Altogether, the number of active PG and/or PPG pilots is around 110 in Estonia (the licenced ones, most of them are involved in both disciplines).

There are 3 member clubs of the NAC involved in PG&PPG sports and hobby activities here.

Out of those three, Aerosport and Keelutsoon have united their effors in furthering paragliding accuracy as distinctive sports.

In Rapla Airfield, the local umbrella organisations for most of air sports clubs is Rapla Lennuklubi. 

Under the auspices of:

The Estonian Air Sports Federation

The World Air Sports Federation

Organising clubs: Aerosport and Keelutsoon

Official contact:


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