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Estonian Open Championships on Paragliding Accuracy 2018 – Estonia 100

Abbreviation of the Local Regulations (main info)

On February 24th, Estonia will celebrate 100 years of the Republic of Estonia.

Our Comps are dedicated to this anniversary.

We do hope (again, according to the weather and our own program) that all guests can have some look at the official ceremonies, too.


First 3 individual places of the Open Championships will be awarded as follows:

1st place – 300€

2nd place – 200€

3rd place – 100€


Competition objectives:

Determine the Champion of Estonia 2018

Determine the Individual Winner of Open Championships of Estonia 2018

Determine the Winner-Team of Open Championships of Estonia 2018


Time and place of the competition

The dates:                 February 23-25, 2018

Alternate dates:         March 2-4, 2018

Venues:                     Nurmsi Airfield, Estonia www.keelutsoon.ee


The authorized team of organizers

Event Director:            Matteo Bonfanti

Chief Judge:                Andre Remsel

NAC Supervisor:          Jaano Rässa


Competition validation requirements

The maximum number of rounds is 5 and, the minimum is 1 round.


FEE package – In the fee of 40€ is included

Souvenirs for the pilots

All tows of the pilots during the comps

Awarding fund of 600€

Costs related to the judges

All hot drinks during the competition and field lunches that are on the program as PROVIDED.


Competition program



All day: arrival, possible training flights (2.5€ per tow)

PROVIDED: Tea and coffee all day around. Sauna. (Field lunch on request.)



Registration 0800-0930 (NB! Later arrivals are not accepted!)

General Briefing & Opening ceremony 0930-1000. More detailed agenda will be announced.

Competition flights.

PROVIDED: Tea and coffee all day around. Field lunch. Sauna.



Competition flights all day.

PROVIDED: Tea and coffee all day around. Field lunch. Sauna



Reserve day for competition flights.

Awarding and closing ceremony, to be finished by 1300 latest.

PROVIDED: Tea and coffee all day around. Field lunch.


Other services

All pilots or other people can order two different types of accommodation in the organizer’s guesthouse or clubhouse.


Guesthouse: 10€ per person per night. Big dormitories, linen and towels included.

Clubhouse: 5€ per person per night. Personal sleeping bag and towel are required!

Sauna is free for everyone, unlimited hours.

Meals (breakfast, dinner) can be organized together, upon agreement.


Anyone willing to take a hotel, should seek for that in the nearby town Paide, 15 km away. Some examples could be found from this LINK.

All participants organize logistics to the site and accommodation during the Competition by themselves or, rely on support provided by the organizers, by tentative agreement.