Pilot application form for download, XLS

Dear applicant, please fulfil this form and send to our email! Application timeline: between Nov 1st and Feb 16th or, until the 30 places are fulfilled.


Registration and the fee

There are 4 stages of the registration:

-       Application by the pilot and the following pre-registration

-       Approved pilots are sent a confirmation and the data for paying the fee 40€

-       Upon the fee paid the pilot has official and bounding preliminary registration

-       The registration will be completed on the spot, upon presenting all documents.


Priorities of the pre-registration

The number of the participants is limited to 30!

15 places are reserved for foreign pilots, until February 1st, 2018.

Pilots are pre-registered according to the time of applications received.

From each new country or region, first 3 pilots can be pre-registered and, other pilots from that country could be put onto the waiting list, until February 1st.

Therefore, the organizers do encourage you to make immediately the application for teams of 3 people, whenever possible.


Registration on the spot, during the appointed registration hours in the agenda

For completing of the registration fully, every pilot should present:

-       Personal identification card or passport (citizenship or residency document)

-       Valid FAI license (electronic or printed; pilots without it compete as guests)

-       Valid national PG license or proof of being on at least IPPI-3 level (original)

-       Valid European medical insurance card or other respective insurance certificate.

-       All pilots must sign a Waiver declaration (agreement on release of liability) and a note of airworthiness of his/her flying equipment.


Countries can propose their valid judges for work in transnational judging team.

All pilots willing to participate MUST be here and already registered for general briefing by February 23rd at 0930 local time, later arrivals are not accepted!!!

Our video evidence system

Video evidence sample from our last comps https://vimeo.com/241302495

One judge is dealing online with the video evidence from 3 cameras and looking at all landings, also reviewing them in slow motion.
If technically possible, one monitor is also provided for the pilots or public.
The Chief Judge will announce the result only after a confirmation has been received from the video judge that the fixed contact point is definite.
When the Pilot is not satisfied with the result announced, he/she must file a formal Complaint immediately.