Paragliding Accuracy, Estonian Open Championships 2021 (FAI 2)

Indefinite dates (2 days) in the summer of '21 @ Keelutsoon (Nurmsi Airfield)

Organizers: Lennuklubi Keelutsoon & Aerosport

Event Director: Jaano Rässa

Chief Judge: Andre Remsel

Event Judge: Matteo Bonfanti

Video evidence judge: Kaarel Jänes

Safety&launch: Harri Teras



- open (transnational)

- Estonian national

- female (if there are at least 4 pilots)


IPPI level 4 or instructor's presence required. 


For pre-registration, please send an email with a fulfilled application form to

Fee per pilot: 50€, to be paid in advance, after confirming the registration. 


Maximum no of pilots is 40 and, 15 places are reserved for foreign pilots. 


Official training day: xxxx

On-site registration will take place xxxx

After that, the opening ceremony at xxxx, followed by the flights. 

Maximum 6 rounds, the minimum is 1.


NB! For foreign pilots

Let's see what the pandemic and vaccination will change...



Local regulations

Pilot registration form