Estonia is currently marked RED in several countries, due to the COVID situation here. 

Therefore, several planned pilots could not come.

Consequently, the organizers have cancelled the planned dates. 

All paid fees will be returned.

Next realistic dates for the PGA Estonian Open '21 will be announced later on in the autumn. 

Still we do hope to carry it out this year. 

Our apologies for the inconvenience. 

The organizers. 



Paragliding Accuracy, Estonian Open Championships 2021 (FAI 2)

August 20-21 @ Rapla Airfield

Organizers: Lennuklubi Keelutsoon & Aerosport

Event Director: Jaano Rässa

Chief Judge: Andre Remsel

Event Judge: Matteo Bonfanti

Video evidence judge: Kaarel Jänes

Safety&launch: Harri Teras



- open (transnational)

- Estonian national

- female (if there are at least 4 pilots)


IPPI level 4 or instructor's presence required. 


For pre-registration, please send an email with a fulfilled application form to regpg-accuracy.eu

Fee per pilot: 50€, to be paid in advance, after confirming the registration. 


Maximum no of pilots is 40 and, 15 places are reserved for foreign pilots. 


Official training day: August 19, from 1600

On-site registration will take place: August 20, 0800-0845 local time

After that, the opening ceremony at 0900, followed by the flights. 

Maximum 6 rounds, the minimum is 1.


NB! For foreign pilots, COVID-related entry requirements


Confirmed foreign participants of the official championship are exempted from self-isolation. 

Registered pilots can ask organizers for a respective proof before enetring Estonia. 



Local regulations

Pilot registration form